Video Review: Patty Smyth “Downtown Train”

In black-and-white, a fortysomething man sweeps the subway train station. A quarter spins on the floor. Patty Smyth walks down the stairs. A group of 18-year-old women sit in the train and stare down the people across from them. One of the twentysomething woman applies eyeshadow on her eyes.

A 6-year-old holds his mother’s hand as they stand on the platform. Smyth leans against the wall while a thirtysomething man plays guitar as he sits on the floor. A seventysomthing man reads the newspaper at his seat. A twentysomething man walks in the aisle and breaks a second 18-year-old woman’s bubble. He takes his seat and the second 18-year-old woman smirks. The people get off at their stop. Smyth walks back up the stairs.

Rating: 5/5

The 18-year-old women knew they have just themselves. They’ve fended off men with their hands and mastered it with a glare. While the twentysomething man stares back at the second 18-year-old woman, she grins and nudges her friends. It was sweet that he liked her. But he wouldn’t get far.

The seventysomething man sighs as he reads the newspaper. All the young people wanted to show off. The twentysomething man needed someone to put him in his place. He seemed to be sailing by on his charm, not knowing it will soon leave him once his looks disappear.

The twentysomething man tried to get the 18-year-old woman’s attention. Although she seemed to be tough, it was part of her exterior. It was how she had to be. He had seen her on the train with her friends before and thinks they went to the private school in the city. He glances every so often at her, waiting for her to drop her façade.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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