Video Review: Silk “I Can Go Deep”

A twentysomething woman sits next to Lil G in the car and whispers in his ear. In black-and-white, Timzo, Jimmy, John, and Big G sit by the car. Lil G, Big G, Jimzo, John, and Jimmy sit in the family room. In a clip of the 1994 film, A Low Down Dirty Shame, Shame (Keenan Ivory Wayans) stops his car at the mall. Peaches (Jada Pinkett Smith) dances as she carries her two shopping bags.

Continuing with the clips, Shame walks up to her and introduces himself. Lil G, Big G and Timzo drive down the street in the afternoon. In a clip, Shame looks at a photo of Angela (Salli Richardson). Back in color, the twentysomething woman dances as she stands up in the backseat of the car.

In a clip, Shame touches Angela’s face as they sit across from each other. He kisses her and they slow dance. Shame picks up Peaches as she tells someone off on the sidewalk. Lil G and the twentysomething woman drive together. Lil G, Big G, Timzo, Jimmy and John stand on the staircase. Back in a clip. Peaches gets in Angela’s face in the famiy room. Peaches and Shame kiss at the club. Back on the sidewalk, Big G feels up the twentysomething woman’s waist as she dances.

Rating: 2/5

Lil G kisses the twentysomething woman. The twentysomething woman leans in for a kiss with Big G. Lil G touches her shoulder and tells her he’s exclusively hers. The twentysomething woman blows John, Jimmy and Timzo kisses as she gets in the car. As they drive, she says she wants to stop at the mall.

He drops her at the mall and sees a second twentysomething woman. The second twentysomething woman asks “isn’t that girlfriend.” Lil G answers yes but it’s not what she thinks. The second twentysomething woman says she has five minutes. He pats the seat in his car and says he’ll make use of her time.

Big G shakes his head, saying LIl G knows he likes the twentysomething woman, too. He’s pulling a power move. Timzo says he’ll tire of her in a few weeks. Big G says he doesn’t want sloppy seconds. Timzo says they’ll have find him someone else then. Big G knows what he can do and says they need to go to the mall.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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