Video Review: Gayle “abcdefu”

On a scarlet red screen, a message reads: “me and my friends visit my ex’s house :)” Gayle carries her video camera and films one of her friends, a 16-year-old girl in the parking lot. A 17-year-old man steers the wheel as he drives. She sits in the backseat with the 16-year-old girl and 17-year-old girl.

She and her friends lean against her car in the parking lot. The 17-year-old boy parks in a driveway. She leads her friends to the front door and finds the key underneath the welcome mat. The 16-year-old girl films her as she walks into her ex’s house. She and her friends walk up their staircase.

She gives some of her friends a dress and a skirt. Her friend films her as she jumps on the bed. They have a pillow fight. She tips over the trophies on a table. They mix sugar, oil, marshmallows and other indgridents into a pan. She places it in the oven. They frost the cakes and have a food fight and get into the shower to clean off.

Rating: 0/5

Gayle opens the door of her ex-boyfriend’s car and searches within the cushion. He usually get an emergency stash for gas. She pulls it out and says to her friends, “we have money for dinner.” She and her friends drive to the diner. The 16-year-old girl says she sees his car. The 17-year-old man bursts out laughing as he pulls into a spot,

An 18-year-old girl waves to Gayle and motions for her to sit with them. Gayle says she has a film she wants to show her. The 18-year-old girl peers into the camera and says, “oh my god.” She asks the 18-year-old if she likes the 16-year-old’s girl new skirt. The 16-year-old girl does a runway strut.

Her ex-boyfriend turns to her, saying “what did you do?” She shrugs and giggles to the 18-year-old girl. He approaches the table and says she had no right. She rolls her eyes and says she’ll give it back. The 16-year-old girl takes it off, tearing it and hands it to him. Her ex-boyfriend curses at them. The manager taps him on the shoulder and escorts him out.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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