Video Review: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”

Mr. Collipark nods his head as he watches his 8-and-10-year-old boys perform a dance in his office. He asks his kids, “who is Soulja Boy?” They say to one another in surprise, “who is Soulja Boy and what the heck is that dance?” Soulja Boy sits at his computer while the videos of people dancing play. He performs his dance in a school gymnaisum.

A chat screen appears on Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s computer. Mr. Collipark types, “this is Mr. Collipark. I want to sign you to a record deal.” Grinning, he types, “meet me at my crib.” A fifteen-year-old girl shows the video on her phone to a second 15-year-old girl. Soulja Boy dances against a black background. A thirtysomething man dressed as Superman puts his hand on his hips.

A twentysomething man, a crossing guard, motions for people to walk. A seventysomething man gets up from the bench, pulls up his pants and dances. The second seventysomething man stands up and dances with him. The twentysomething man dances between traffic lights. On Soulja Boy’s page, Mr. Collipark shakes his hand and gives him a necklace. He continues to dance at the school gymnasium. Bow Wow and Omarion join him as they dance against the black background.

 Rating: 5/5

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em taps his foot to a beat in his mind. On television, Clark Kent sails over the sky and stops the world from ending again. He imitates the pose and adds it to his beat. As another episode plays, he finds a piece of paper and writes it down.

His views had gone up. But there hadn’t much growth. He shrugs and adds the dance to his website. Walking in his room, he thinks of what to have for dinner. His friends text him they love it. He smiles and tells them he’s glad they liked it. Although, if he had to guess, they were probably the ones watching it over and over.

Back at his desk, he checks his website and sees the views have gone up. There were several direct messages from producers. As he scrolled, to the read the comments, the website crashed. “Wow” he exclaims to himself, “wow.”

Director: Dale Resteghini Year: 2007

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