Video Review: Eric Church “Heart On Fire”

Eric Church slips a VHS tape labeled 2006 into the player. A note reads: “do not manipulate copyrighted music videos.” Church holds the camera as he walks on the sidewalk. Lit in electric teal, a twentysomething man and woman stop in the street at night. Church performs in front of the diner.

A fiftysomething woman, a nun, picks up a pregnancy test in the aisle at the drugstore. The twentysomething man turns away in shock. Two twentysomething woman drink beers at the bar. Church puts a card in the viewfinder and looks at the moving photos of him near the bridge. In a split screen, two thirtysomething men race their cars in the desert. The twentsyomething man runs on the sidewalk. Church sings against the black background.

The police arrest a second twentysomething man. The second twentysomething man takes his mugshot. A match is lit. People cheer for Church as sings on stage and takes a break to drink a beer. He walks down the street and plays in a garage. A train rolls by. He stands in the aisle and plays his guitar. A third twentysomething man shows a cassette out on the field as he stands by his car. Church points at a stack of packages in a warehouse.

A seventysomething man lies in his hospital as movies play over his bed. Church plays in a football field. Two fortysomething men exchange money in an abandoned warehouse. Church sits in a chair and watches the clips against the black background. Carrying his guitar, he walks to a stage and performs.

Rating: 2/5

Eric Church puts his guitar away for the night. For a decade, he’s been fortunate to do what he loves. He has a solid fanbase and a consistent career. A steady crew of musicians join him on tours and he knows he can rely on them. The record label supports him. Life’s good.

The early years was the best. There was always something new to sing about. He cuts the cake at the meeting with the record label. He drinks beer at the party and thanks them. Around midnight, he ducks out to get some air. Another decade of this…

It’s been fun and watching the old clips made him think it’ll be easy to continue. The songs did what they had to do and if he’s remembered for only those songs, it’ll be okay. He can rewrite them as much as he wants now. All he has to do is show up.

Director: Reid Long Year: 2021

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