Video Review: Jazmine Sullivan “Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles)”

Jazmine Sullivan leans against fence and stands on sidewalk by her home. Missy Elliott dances in a club. Sullivan sits on the steps of the staircase, holding a tissue. He sits next to her as she touches the twentysomething man’s face. They hold hands and talk.

The twentysomething man grins as a twentysomething woman runs her hand through his hair as they stand by the stairs outside the building. Sullivan spots them as she walks with two of her friends. The twentysomething woman gestures to Sullivan as she gets in his face. Sullivan dismisses him as he talks to her. He puts her hand on her cheek and she walks away with him.

They dance together at a party. A second twentysomething grabs a bottle of Nuvo on ice and opens it. He pours a glass for a second twentysomething woman. The DJ eyes the records at his booth. Sullivan sings on stage, wearing a black dress as gold bulbs shine on her. Elliott dances at the party. The twentysomething man dances in the corner with a third twentysomething woman. Sullivan pushes him and leaves. Standing against a black background, she gives him his ring back.

Rating: 5/5

Jazmine Sullivan talks with a third twentysomething man at a party at her best friend’s house. She excuses herself to get a drink. Her best friend asks her, “how it’s going?” as Sullivan pours a glass of wine. Sullivan tells her she’s having a good time. Her best friend nods and says she’ll leave her to it.

The third twentysomething man explains he’s been studying politics in college and thinks of becoming a lawyer. She says she hasn’t really thought that far ahead. Sometimes she wants to go into art. Other days, business. She says she’s leaning towards business. It’s practical. The door opens and the twentysomething man walks in. A fourth twentysomething woman hangs on his arm.

Sullivan half-listens as she watches the twentysomething man, her ex-boyfriend, put his arms around her and grab a drink. The fourth twentysomething woman goes off to talk with her friends. The third twentysomething says the twentysomething man is such a sleaze. She says she dated him for awhile. He says they should kick up their legs and watch the drama. Sullivan says she bets him a dinner he’ll slink in the corner and make out with a fifth twentysomething woman. He clinks his glass with hers and says “and I bet you a dinner she’ll pretend not to notice.” They scan the room for twentysomething man and fourth twentysomething woman.

Director: N/A Year: 2010

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