Video Review: Robey “One Night In Bangkok”

Raindrops fall into a pool of water, landing on a picture of Robey and a key. Robey walks through it in her high heels. and stands by her throne. A twentysomething man and woman do cartwheels on a chessboard as she stretches on a chair. Wearing a wedding dress, Robey sits up in bed.

Three people make faces as two me, lit in royal blue, face other during a game. Four twentysomething women, wearing lampshades, stand in line and wave their arms on the chessboard. Robey tosses clothes out of her suitcases. She crawls on twentysomething man’s backs on the chessboard and stares up at a naked man. He holds up his long fingers to his masked face. A snake hisses in her face and slinks across her chest.

A large gold ball gets thrown over a chessboard. Robey dances by it as the two fortysomething man play. She floats the gold ball. It explodes in air. She holds a goblet as she continues to stretch on the chair. People dance on the chess board. She joins in a clapping game and talks with a muscled thirtysomething man.

Rating: 1/5

Robey walks through the red light district in Bangkok, Thailand. She mimes at a restaurant, indicating she wants something American. The server stares at her. She says rice, fish, don’t you understand? The server brings her a bowl of rice and tofu. She takes a bite of the tofu and gags.

At the massage parlor, she slips one of the men an extra hundred. The thirtysomething man says they don’t anything like that here. She sits up and says the front desk clerk told her it was so. The thirtysomething man says he’s sorry but she’s in the wrong place. She picks up her things and says it’s the most awful experience she’s ever had.

At the chess game competition, she taps her fingers on her chair. The people next to her side-eye her. She falls asleep in the middle of the match and begins to snore. A fiftysomething man wakes her up and says it’s over. She stands up, exclaiming “thank God” and grabs her purse.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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