Video Review: 42 Dugg & Future “Maybach”

42 Dugg and Future lean against a Maybach car. They drive the car at night. 42 Dugg puts money in front of his face against a royal blue background. Two twentysomething women dance. Future smokes in the back of the car. A twentysomething woman rests her head on the car.

Rotating between hunter green and royal blue, they throw money at the twentysomething women dancing on stage at the strip club. 42 Dugg lays stacks of money on his lap as he sits in the passenger seat of the car. Two twentysomething women clink liquor bottles in the parking lot and continue to dance by the cars.

Future pretends to shoot in a white painted room. 42 Dugg stands on top of the car with his money in the parking lot. Future and the two twentysomething women stand by him. Future drinks inside the car. They continue to drive in the city.

Rating: 1.5/5

42 Dugg comments on how well the car drives. Future says it’s an improvement over past models. Dugg counts his money. He intended on money it all tonight on women. A few lucky dancers were about to get rich tonight. He thinks how he’ll promise them a life away from the stage.

The driver drops them off at the club. Dugg and Future take their money. Future takes a stack for himself. Dugg says not to worry about paying him back. He’ll be making it back within an hour. At the club, he stays away from the stage and throws the money. The women were pretty. However, he didn’t want any contact.

A twentysomething woman grabs the money on the stage. 42 Dugg walks up to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. She smiles at him, asking him if he left the money for her. Dugg nods yes and asks for some special attention. She sits on the chair and crosses her legs. Whoever he was, he wanted to talk. She had an extra 45 minutes to her shift. So far, she had enough to call off for the month if she needed to. She nods as he talks to her about his cars and money.

Director: Jerry Production Year: 2021

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