Video Review: Doja Cat “Woman”

A twentysomething woman files the Queen’s (Teyana Taylor) nails as she sits on the throne. A thirtysomething lady-in-waiting (Guetcha) runs up to her, saying, “your majesty, we have a problem. They are trying to seize your throne.” The Queen, holding her scepter, tells her, “take me to them now.” Doja Cat walks against a blood orange red sky.

Two twentysomething men talk and drink at the dinner table. The Queen walks to her chair and watches as Cat takes form on top of the table, crawling to the Queen and the thirtysomething lady-in-waiting. Cat leans against a wall and dances. She dances with several twentysomething women against the blood red orange sky. As she throws her head back in court, birds fly out of her. She and the twentysomething women continue to dance in silhouette as the sky turns scarlet.

Lit in royal blue, she and the twentysomething women dance in a pool of water. Sparks fly in the blood orange sky as Cat dances by herself. Wearing a headpiece, she stands at court. The sparks fly as the she and the twentysomething women arch their backs. Lit in royal blue, she sits on the throne and evaporates.

Rating: 5/5

Doja Cat asks the thirtysomething lady-in-waiting for directions. She says she sometimes gets lost on her way back to her room. The thirtysomething lady-in-waiting says she doesn’t know her. Cat says the Queen approved. and would be disappointed if she missed her appointment. She’s her spiritual guide. The thirtysomething lady-in-waiting walks with her through the hallway to the staff rooms and asks her to wait.

Cat hums, conjuring the princess, princes, servants and dukes, their history clogging her mind as they talk at once. The thirtysomething lady-in-waiting says the Queen will see her now. Alongside her, a prince and servant stand. Cat says it’s delightful to see her again. “As you,” the Queen responds and motions for her to sit.

Cat takes the crown from the Queen as she sits. Its power allows her to become human. The Queen says she will be defeated. Cat reminds her she has the angry spirits of peasants, servants and family members behind her. The Queen is up against generations and generations of people whose lives were cut short by her short-sighted decisions. The Queen rises up from her throne. Cat puts out her hand, pushing the Queen onto her throne.

Director: child Year: 2021

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