Video Review: Old Dominion “No Such Thing As A Broken Heart”

“Press start” message occurs on the screen as Matthew, Trevor, Whit, Geoff and Brad ride in the back of a garbage truck Animated smoke swells in the air. Electric currents run through the garbage truck and the fortysomething man parks it in a field. Matthew, Trevor, Whit, Geoff and Brad get off and walk into a recreational vehicle (RV).

Matthew grabs a ham radio while a twentysomething man and woman argue by the steering wheel. Geoff drinks and receives a “Geoff booze bonus.” Within the bottle, an animated Old Dominion play. The Christmas tree bursts into flames. Trevor puts it out with a fire extinguisher, receiving “Trevor Saves” points. Hand-drawn Old Dominion perform within a frame hanging on the wall, which lets to go on to the “Garage Band Stage.”

They play in the garage. On television, Matthew and Trevor debate. Whit spins a globe on his finger against a white background and tosses it. Matthew catches it in the bar and throws it, giving himself a Christian boost. Trevor performs stand-up on stage. They reach the bar stage and sing for the crowd. In black-and-white, multiple versions of Brad play the guitar on screen. Matthew shoots with the Duck Hunt gun.

Matthew ziplines back to the RV. In Survival mode, they run from fans. In a split screen, a twentysomething woman reaches for him against a red background. Matthew gets away from her against the royal blue background. He drinks coffee as fly in air. He lands in a laundromat In a triple split screen, a twentysomething man dances in the top left corner, Trevor blows bubbles (bottom right) as Matthew runs to the doors (top right). Matthew gets a caffeine boost as they walk in the office. A priest presides over a wedding for a thirtysomething man and woman at a chapel, Matthew tosses rose petals as they walk through the chapel. They return to the garbage truck as the twentysomething man and woman kiss in the RV.

Rating: 3/5

Matthew places the controller on the floor. He still wasn’t able to get past the big boss on level. ten. Each day, he was so close and then time would run out. He just wanted to defeat the level and win. His wife had been able to win and even showed him how. However, he couldn’t do it.

Back home from work, he applies for different jobs online. While on his break, he checks his phone for voicemails and emails. He had a couple people call him back. There was one job that sounded promising. He calls up for a job interview. Perhaps he and his wife will be able to start a family. They could move out of the tiny apartment.

Matthew picks up the controller. He hadn’t played for a couple of days. At level 10, he finally wins on level 10. He pauses and makes sure to save the game. It took a long time. His phone flashes and he answers it. The thirtysomething woman says she’d like to offer him a job. He says he can start in a week.

Director: Steve Jawn Year: 2017

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