Video Review: Jermaine Jackson “Dynamite”

Two twentysomething women patrol the cells in the jail, twirling their nightsticks. Jermaine Jackson and a twentysomething man hold onto the women against the bars and steal the keys from them. Jackson and the twentysomething man break some other thirtysomething men out of their cells. The two twentysomething women chase them.

A fortysomething woman, in her police uniform, sits in the salon chair as Jackson keeps an eye at the stairwell. The fortysomething woman answers the phone Dynamite, written in comic form, appears on screen, as Jackson, some of the twentysomething men and the twentysomething women dance in a hallway. A twentysomething men, in a tattered medic’s uniform, opens a jail cell and Jackson, along with several twentysomething men run inside. The twentysomething women grab him.

The fortysomething woman and several other thirtysomething women chase after them. Jackson, some of the twentysomething men and two twentysomething women dance on the cafeteria tables. They run to the grounds and past the gate. Jackson grips the loops in the gate. The fortysomething woman places Jackson and the two twentysomething women in a cell with him. She cackles at them while Jackson grins at the two twentysomething women.

Rating: 4/5

The fortysomething woman had gotten fired. She had been replaced with a third twentysomething woman who talked on the phone all day. Security had been upped since last breakout attempt. Jermaine Jackson studying the camera’s turns. The camera turned every 15 minutes. Time was of the essence. It was his edge.

A thirtysomething man, a medic, responds to call within the cells. Jackson tries one of the copies of the keys in the lock. It twists and Jackson motions for his cellmate next to him. They walk out of the cells while the thirtysomething man wheels the a fiftysomething man out of his cell.

Jackson hears the alarm go off by the last stairwell. Some of the twentysomething men who far behind. He didn’t have time to think about them. Running out of the gate, he heads to the forest. His former cellmate should be by the shoulder of the road.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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