Video Review: Sneaker Pimps “6 Underground”

Kelli turns in a dentist’s chair in a room. Liam and Chris spin in the chair. In three different oval spaces, a fortysomething woman vacuums (left), a twentysomething man flexes his muscles (center) and  a twentysomething woman faces the wall, staring at the ceiling. Liam and Chris, lit in royal blue, lean against the wall between the ovals.

A second twentysomething man kicks his leg in the air as he stands in a room with a third twentysomething man. A fortysomething man sits on a chair and eats spaghetti as he watches television in one of the ovals. A 7-year-old girl shakes a glass jar. Kelli points the light. Kelli, Liam and Chris stand in the white oval room.

The fortysomething woman hikes up her dress. The twentysomething man paces. A 17-year-old girl (Laura Prepon) sits on a chair, her hands on her cheeks. Kelli continues to turn in her chair. Chris and Liam sit next to her.

Rating: 1/5

The drill hums as Kelli lies in the dentist’s chair, unconscious from the anesthesia. A fortysomething woman takes a flask out of her apron as she washes dishes in the kitchen. She tells Kelli she’s going to be fine. It was a small instrument in her throat.

The 7-year-old girl shows her gleaming teeth. She says for her to look for the kites in the toy box. If she had more time, she would’ve gotten one. The twentysomething man says she’s at the perfect age and to embrace it. He says he’s been looking for a lovely girl but no one has joined him.

Kelli blinks as she opens her eyes. She touches the side of her cheek. Liam and Chris guide her out of the office and put her in the backseat. She says she met a really nice guy. Chris asks her to describe him. Kelli says “muscles, lots of muscles.” There was still time to join him.

Director: Toby Tremlett Year: 1997

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