Video Review: Jason Aldean “She’s Country”

Lit in hunter green, people rush to their seats at the arena. Jason Aldean places his hand on each side of the wall in the hallway as the white fluorescent light shines on him. He walks with his band in the hallway. Lit in royal blue, the people jump up and down in their seats.

Two twentysomething women give the peace sign in the venue. Lit in cobalt, Aldean performs on stage. A second twentysomething woman leans against his pick-up truck. A third twentysomething turns her hat and flexes her muscles. A fourth twentysomething woman, wearing a t-shirt saying “proud member of Aldean’s Army” and flexes also. An 8-year-old girl smiles as she listens to Aldean.

He swings a towel and puts it around his neck in the locker room. His band members sit on the benches across from him. He rides in another bus and talks with members of the band. A fifth twentysomething woman wears a cowboy hat against a black background. The crew sets up in another city. A 10-year-old boy holds up a poster. A sixth twentysomething woman leans against the wall of the venue. Three twentysomething stand together. In silhouette. they dance against a copper background.

Aldean sticks out his tongue. He signs an autograph and poses for a picture with a fortysomething woman. In the dressing room, he plays with the drumsticks. He and his band drink shots before going on stage. The bus continues to drive.

Rating: 2/5

Jason Aldean and a thirtysomething man, his guitarist play paper football on the bus. The thirtysomething man shouts “woo” and declares it’s game. They both take shots. A twentysomething man tosses a foam basketball into the net. The thirtysomething man tells him about the twentysomething woman he met in the last city.

Aldean talks with the fortysomething woman during the meet and greet. She winks at him. Aldean smirks to himself. A seventh twentysomething woman slides up next to him. He asks her where she’s from. Her eyes glisten as she talks to him. He mentions an after party to her and gives her an invitation.

Aldean sneaks up to the thirtysomething man lying in his bed. Shirtless, he wakes up, covering his naked body. An eighth twentysomething woman lies next to him, snoring. Aldean says his face was priceless. The thirtysomething man hits him with his pillow and tells him to get out. Aldean burst out laughing.

Director: Wes Edwards Year: 2009

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