Video Review: Rod Wave “By Your Side”

Numerous tweets show up on screen, tagging Rod Wave, telling him it’s November and asking for him to return. The tour bus drives through the mountains. Rod Wave wears rings and walks with his two little girls. He talks with some of friends before talking with the press.

He signs memorabilia for fans at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q. A person carries a tray with money as he picks out his jewelry. At the arcade, he plays the whack-a-mole game. He gets on stage at the Armory in Minneapolis, MN. People hold up their cell phones as he raps.

The next stop on tour: Radio City Music Hall in New York City, New York. He waves as he walks with one his little girls. A thirtysomething man throws the ball down the lane at the bowling alley. One of his little girls touches the plastic glass as she looks at the toys. The tour bus drives in Arizona. Wave plays catch in a backyard. People line up to see him in Florida. As he backstage, he continues to sing the encore.

Rating: 1/5

Rod Wave laughs as his little girls bang their hands on the ride at the amusement park. One of his little girls says she wants to ride the Ferris Wheel again. He tells them one more time and then they have to go. It could be an entire day. He wanted them to see the park at night. However, he had to go to work and get them ready for bed after the show.

Wave talks with his friends in the dressing room. They held him together. If he needed a moment to himself, one of them entertained his kids. If he missed a word on stage, they helped him out. They were a team. Some of his friends had become well known among his fans.

Wave eats ribs backstage. His little girls eat their coleslaw. He tells them to eat their corn. A member of his team tells him it’s an hour before the show starts. He wanted to make them proud. His second little girl says she loves the stuffed bear she got at the arcade. His second little girl says she’s ready to go home. Wave tells her two more cities to go. He didn’t want to leave, though. There was a month and a half to go. Returning back to his everyday life was going to be an adjustment.

Director: Yawn Rico Year: 2021

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