Video Review: The B-52’s “Good Stuff”

Within a washing machine, a twentysomething man and woman stare into the water. The twentysomething woman puts on goggles. Fred, bug-eyed, joins them. Wearing a genie hat, Fred dances. Kate, with a hunter green shawl, dances in the forest. Keith plays guitar on a cloud.

Fred holds up two crystals and blows on them. A second twentysomething woman smiles as she stands on a swing on a cloud. A second twentysomething man flips over the bubbles. A third twentysomething woman puts shaving cream on a third twentysomething man’s head. Kate, Fred and Keith dance on the cloud. People toss a soap ball in the air.

Fred, Kate and Keith lie in the soap, swaying their heads. A fourth twentysomething creates soap streaks on the window. Kate blows bubbles in the forest. A fifth twentysomething man buries his head in some shaving cream on a fifth twentysomething woman’s shoulder.

Rating: 2/5

The washing machine rattles as the fortysomething woman sits on her chair and reads. She should check into getting it fixed. It’s been doing it for almost a year now. Something was wrong with it. But the cost. The cost was probably more than she could afford. She’d be better off getting a new one.

The fortysomething woman talks with her one of her friends during book club. She says the repairman did such a great job and winks at her. The fortysomething woman accepts the number and then looks through the phone book. Her sister passes along the name of repair service and suggests she calls.

A flashlight shines on Kate, Fred, Keith and the twentysomething people on the soap cloud. Kate calls out she can’t see. A screwdriver heads towards them and they scatter. Kate hides in the back and grips the metal as it moves. Fred motions for her to follow him. She runs to him minutes before the machine turns on again. The fiftysomething man places the screwdriver back in his toolbox and says she shouldn’t be experiencing any noises. The fortysomething woman says it sounds just like new and writes him out a check.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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