Video Review: Before Dark “Monica”

Against a black background, the definition of a Monica is provided: “1. a girl that steals your man, 2. a chickenhead that pushes up on your man.” Arike, Mia and Jeni stand by a chestnut brown wall. They walk on the sidewalk together. An 18-year-old young man dribbles a basketball and checks them out as they walk.

He talks on the phone with a 19-year-old young woman as he sits at the park. Mia sneaks up behind him and picks up his pager. The message reads: “call me lover, Monica.” Jeni drives with the twentysomething man to the store. He crouches the seat as she walks inside. Glancing over shoulder, she sees him pass his phone number to a twentysomething woman.

Jeni, Arike and Mia walk to a warehouse. A second twentysomething woman touches a second twentysomething man’s chest. Arike walks up to them and shoos the second twentysomething woman away. Jeni kicks the twentysomething man out of her car. Arike pushes the second twentysomething woman away. Mia waves goodbye to the 19-year-old young man. Jeni, Arike and Mia perform a dance routine at the warehouse with several twentysomething women. Arike fights one of the twentysomething woman with large wooden sticks. Mia grabs a shield and faces off with a twentysomething woman.

Rating: 2/5

Jeni listens to the police scanner. There were no reports of fights at the warehouse. Arike says they are safe. No one wants to get into trouble. Mia says someone may decide they might sue. She got a good kick to one of the twentysomething women. Jeni comments there were dozens of people there. Arike shrugs, saying “and all they wanted was to see a fight.”

The twentysomething woman gives Jeni the finger as she walks on the sidewalk. Jeni smirks and tilts her head. The twentysomething woman calls for the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man gives her a sheepish look and kisses the twentysomething woman on the cheek. He pages Jeni, “I miss you.”

Jeni buys some snacks at the store and watches as the twentysomething woman slaps a third twentysomething woman. Jeni bursts out laughing while the twentysomething man tells her to stop. The twentysomething woman got what she wanted. It was no longer her problem.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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