Video Review: Tim McGraw “Truck Yeah”

Tim McGraw walks up to a semi-truck. He drives his pick-up out of it. A twentysomething man (Garrett Hedlund) drives the semi-truck in the road and parks it in the field. He stares at McGraw while he sits in his truck. Two thirtysomething men sit in their trucks on both sides of them.

McGraw stands in the center as the thirtysomething and twentysomething men do donuts in the field. At night, McGraw continues to sing in the field. He and the twentysomething man sit in the back of his truck and talk. A twentysomething woman closes the door of her pick-up truck and walks. She drives by herself in the field.

Rating: 3.5/5

Tim McGraw gets a beer out of the cooler. The twentysomething man nods at him and says the twentysomething woman showed up. McGraw nudges him and says he should talk to her. The twentysomething man tosses his beer can in the garbage, saying he has a boyfriend. McGraw comments that she’s here by herself.

McGraw plays cards with the thirtysomething men. He says he’s out. The thirtysomething man takes the money and gives McGraw twenty dollars back. McGraw says he won it, fair and square. The thirtysomething man it’s what he owes him. McGraw asks the second thirtysomething man about his wife. The second thirtysomething man says she’s pregnant. McGraw pats him on the shoulder and says it’s fantastic. The second thirtysomething man says he’s working all the hours he can until the baby’s due. McGraw says for him to take his vacation time, too. They’re only little for so long.

McGraw gets out his keys and searches for the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man holds the hand of the twentysomething woman. He waves to him. The twentysomething man gestures for him to join him. He introduces McGraw to the twentysomething woman. McGraw shakes her hand and says it’s good to put a face to a name. The twentysomething man says they’ll see him next weekend. McGraw grins at him while he walks to his truck.

Director: Chris Hicky Year: 2012

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