Video Review: Nardo Wick, G Herbo, Lil Durk & 21 Savage “Who Want Smoke?? (Remix)”

Nardo Wick gives a speech at the podium to hundreds of masked men in black outfits. As he talks, helicopters nosedive as they burn. Smoke fills the air. He raps on the roof. One of the masked man shoots another. Two cars in traffic stop by the fires.

Wick and Lil Durk sit in a conference room with several masked men. The masked men bang their fists on the table. Lil Durk and Wick dance by a white wall with small windows in the office building. Explosions go off and Durk walks to the window. Lit in teal, Durk walks in the hallway as the masked men fight each other.

On television, 21 Savage, wearing a Celine mask with cutouts, reports the news on the lawn. 21 Savage and Wick rap by a car. A masked man shoots his gun in the air. G Herbo sits in the backseat of the car, watching 21 Savage on the news. Lit in aqua, he walks out of his car and into the office. A masked twentysomething woman helps him put on his jacket. Wick shakes his hand as they walk to the wall. The windows close up.

Rating: 4/5

The chaos was continuous. People were running from their apartments. The office buildings had closed. The roads were blocked. Nardo Wick repeats his speech to himself. It had been great. The masked men had needed inspiration. They had become tired from fighting. They had to have someone new to hate. Wick told them in their speech to not even trust each other.

A group of masked men demand assurances of a raise. Lil Durk says they’ll have to see. Wick shrugs, saying it’s not up to him. They have to check the budget. The masked men nod. Wick pulls in his chair and tells them to go back to work. 21 Savage dodges the men falling by him and advises viewers to stay home. Mid-sentence, he drops the mic and crawls on the floor. Wick offers him a job.

G Herbo watches the masked men obliterate themselves. It was his preferred way to announce layoffs. The company was in the red. Herbo, Wick and Durk had received their bonuses and were going to be fine. Herbo monitors the stocks. Their competitors were stumbling to recover. Herbo calls Durk and says they must suppress any movement. Durk says he and Wick have developed a plan.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2021

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