Video Review: Shakira & Maluma “Chantaje”

Shakira walks with her pet pig inside an Indian Deli and Grocery in Barcelona, Spain. Maluma, leaning on the counter, checks her out as she walks in the aisle. She leans against the door as he talks to her. As she opens it, he follows her in a rusted orange lit hallway.

She dances near the counter at the bar while he searches for her. He peeks through the door as she takes off her wig and washes her hands. She pulls at her top as she dances by the urinals. Sitting at the bar, she slides a drink over to Maluma. She lies on a silver lounge chair. Shakira continues to dance in a mirrored room. She walks on the counter of the bar. Water splashes from the hawk’s mouths hanging on the wall onto her body as she lies on the silver lounge chair. Maluma dances with Shakira in the bar.

Rating: 4/5

Shakira walks into the men’s bathroom. A twentysomething man eyes her up and down. She watches as he unbuckles his belt. The twentysomething man steps into the stall. Shakira laughs to herself. The twentysomething men were all talk.

Maluma considers opening the door. If he went inside, he’d kiss her and not want to stop. He’d stay there all night with her. Shakira dances for him as he watches. She won’t gesture for him to come over, he knows that. A second twentysomething men dances with her and she whips her hair. Maluma almost knocks the door of the hinges as he races to her.

Maluma orders a drink at the bar. Shakira slips beside him and says he was brave. Maluma chuckles, saying he almost kicked out. Shakira handwaves it, telling him it was punch or two. The second twentysomething man barely had a scratch. Maluma asks her to dance. She takes his hand as the bartender says “last call.”

Director: Jaume de Laiguana Year: 2016

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