Video Review: Mabel “Time After Time”

Mabel, wearing a crop sweater and jeans, touches a hanging light in her family room. In black-and-white, a fortysomething woman giggles as she sits at the vanity. A twentysomething woman puts on lipstick. In color, a group of twentysomething man and women stand by a staircase and smile at photos.

Three twentysomething men stand in the family room. The second twentysomething men in the center holds a framed photo of their mom and dad. A twentysomething man, within the group by the the staircase, holds up a framed photo of an 18-year-old young man.  He hugs a second twentysomething man. A fiftysomething woman holds a the lightbulb as a second thirtysomething woman sits next to her. The two twentysomething men (on the right and left) hold the light while the twentysomething man in the center smiles.

A twentysomething woman laughs and puts her head on the fortysomething woman’s shoulder. A second twentysomething woman holds onto the light. Mabel sits on a staircase. A 5-year-old girl walks to a third twentysomething woman. The thirtysomething woman grins as she holds the 5-year-old girl.

Rating: 2.5/5

It had been a tough year. Mabel sits at home, wanting to call a twentysomething woman she knew since grade school. She picks up her phone and presses her number. It still rings. A gruff fortysomething man answers the phone. She apologizes and hangs up. Her family must’ve gotten rid of the number.

She wasn’t in the mood for Christmas this year. She was trying. But her decorations were in the basement. Every day, she tells herself she’s going to bring them upstairs. However, she comes home from work and sits down, wanting to relax.

Her mom calls to her about their neighbor. She passed away last night. Mabel knew she wasn’t in good health. But she was hoping for her to pull through. Her mom says she’ll let her know about the visitation times. Growing up, their neighbor would babysit her after school. They’d go to the store on the weekends when her mom had to work. She’d been meaning to visit her and drop off some cookies. But she lost track of time. Mabel sets aside a pair of dress pants and a black blouse.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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