Video Review: Davina “Come Over To My Place”

Lit in royal blue, a twentysomething man rides a motorboat in the ocean in Hawaii. Two twentysomething women, in scuba gear, rise up in the water. One of the twentysomething women places a piece of a symbol on the ground. Davina stands in her foyer and opens her front door.

The two twentysomething women hand it over to a second twentysomething man on the beach. A third twentysomething, a tribal member, watches in the forest. Davina walks on her front lawn to the forest. She sniffs a flower and stands by the river. Two second twentysomething men ride motorcycles on the road. The third twentysomething woman and a third twentysomething man, also a tribal member, examine the road.

The third twentysomething woman emerges from a pile of sticks on the beach. A group of people pull a kayak to the shore. A thirtysomething man, painted in aqua, runs to the cave. A fourth twentysomething man does a double take as he looks into a telescope. He sees a fourth twentysomething man, a tribal member, dancing by the tree. The people walk to a round table and place pieces of the symbol within it. It glows and directs people to Davina’s home.

Davina sings for the group of people in her family room. The tribal members press their hands to the windows and watch her.  She joins them in the backyard and holds hands with them in a circle. They walk away.

Rating: 2/5

Davina walks in the forest on a Saturday afternoon. She looks to her left and right. Tribal members often hung out in the area, scaring people on their hikes. She walks to the aqua blue round table and takes out of the gold pieces. Putting it in her pocket, she eyes the bushes. One of the tribal members may jump out at her.

People were finding pieces of the symbol all the time. Signs had been put up to leave it there. However, people continued to take it with them, irritating the tribal members. She had read up on them. They had the land first and the symbol was a protective signal. She calls the city and asks them to install plaques. Perhaps it’ll stop people from taking what wasn’t theirs.

Davina sits on her patio, sipping tea as one of the tribal members walks to her. Another piece had been found. She walks to her and offers her some of her crackers. The third twentysomething woman studies it and bites into it. She sits on the dirt and eats it. Davina returns to her seat. The third twentysomething woman mimes drinking a water bottle. Davina gets a water bottle out of her cooler and hands it to her. The third twentysomething woman guzzles it and leaves her backyard.

Director: Paul Boyd Year: 1997

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