Video Review: Juice WRLD “Burn”

Juice WRLD exhales smokes as he sits by a table in the recording studio. Two twentysomething men sit next to him. The sun rises over Los Angeles, California. Cars drive on the expressway. People stand in the road and look at the explosion in the sky.

WRLD listens to his music as an episode of Bob’s Burgers plays on a television. He shows off his necklace. The birds fly away from the city. A fiftysomething man holds a fiftysomething woman by the car as the sky becomes fire. People run past them. An 8-year-old girl exclaims “wow” as she watches a fireball through the roof of the car. A twentysomething woman lies on a lounge chair on the beach.

Balls of fire pop around the skyscrapers. It forms into a flying flame, throttling the city as it reaches the ground. An 8-year-old sits on his swing and watches as the fire hits the mountains. He runs to the driveway. His mom hugs him and he gets into the car with his parents. The skyscrapers disintegrate. His dad dodges flames as he drives on the road. The flames travel to a large hole in the ground. Earth becomes a thin line and disappears.

Rating: 4.5/5

A twentysomething man packs his bags. Social media had been talking about unusual activity in the sky. He still had time to get out. The national news had made a mention of it. Some stations had told people to stay home. It’s just fiction. His friends were telling him it wasn’t anything. The media was fearmongering again.

The 8-year-old boy coughs in the car. His parents hadn’t said anything in awhile. He drinks some water. Reaching over, he turns the key in the ignition. It still worked. He calls out for help. “Someone! Anyone!” Screams could be heard in the distance. His parents taught him to stay with him. Leaning over, he rests his head on his dad’s shoulder.

The fiftysomething man asks the fiftysomething woman if she remembers their wedding day. Tears in her eyes, she tells him it’s getting hard. He kisses her on the cheek as they sit by the car and says he’s here. She says “let’s go home.” He lifts her up and says they are almost there. She says she wants to sew again. They should stop for fabric. He tells her he just has to make a turn.

Director: Steve Cannon Year: 2021

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