Video Review: Chicago “Along Comes A Woman”

In black-and-white, a parrot sits on a tree branch in the forest. A twentysomething man shouts. The twentysomething man and second twentysomething man throws arrows at Peter Cetera. He looks over his shoulder, dropping his hat as he walks. The two twentysomething men find his hat and walk to the left. He rises from under the mud.

Sitting at the campfire, he opens a locket and gazes at a photo of a twentysomething woman inside. He smiles at he holds a cross in his hand. On a map, a line leads to Morocco. A fortysomething man urges a second fortysomething man to follow him into the kitchen of the bar. A group of four twentysomething men argue as they sit at the counter. Cetera leans against the counter and watches the twentysomething woman walk through the door.

A fiftysomething man waves his fan and points out Cetera. A third twentysomething man grabs Cetera’s collar. Cetera gives him the money and the cross. In 1938, as the message notes, an army marches. In 1939 and 1940, a war is fought. People pass by Lucky’s bar. A third fortysomething carries a tray of glasses. The fortysomething man scrubs the floor. Cetera, in a dress shirt and tie, slicks his hair back as he stands by the counter. He walks to the twentysomething woman. As they talk, she puts her hands on his chest. A spotlight shines on them.

They dance. She walks to another table. Cetera talks with some of his customers at their tables. German soldiers knock on the door of the bar. One of the bartenders warns Cetera as he talks with the twentysomething woman. The band plays as the German soldiers walk through the restaurant. They shove a second fiftysomething  man. The second fiftysomething man grabs Cetera’s arm. The twentysomething woman hangs on Cetera as the second fiftysomething man opens the door. They get in the car and drive way.

They kiss on the sidewalk. He stares at her as he pushes her away. A German soldier taps him on the arm as he stands by himself. They walk him back into the bar.

Rating: 5/5

Peter Cetera instructs the fortysomething man to straighten the “y” in the Lucky’s sign. It had been torn off during the war. The place had stood vacant for at least a decade afterwards. He had scrounged and saved money to buy it back. It was a familiar place to him and it give him a reason to stay. A twentysomething woman had been a frequent customer when it had been a bar. He had treated to the best wines once he owned it.

The war had come between them. She had told him they couldn’t be in love. If anyone found out she was there, she could be killed. Cetera told her no one would tell. Lucky’s resisted German rule. She suspected a German soldier was attracted to her and it scared her.

The German soldiers patrolled Lucky’s almost every night. They questioned Cetera. He offered them a drink and explained people were simply having a good time, free of worry. The Germans eventually took over Lucky’s. The twentysomething woman had to run off one night. He never saw her again. Perhaps if she knows Lucky’s existed again, she’ll return to him again.

Director: Jay Dubin Year: 1985

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