Video Review: Jessie Murph “Always Been You”

A thirtysomething woman stares at Jessie Murph as she walks into the grocery store at night. Murph swings on the pole and walks inside. She walks backwards as the twentysomething woman, by the register and twentysomething man, the bagger, watch her.

She gets a package of peas from the frozen food aisle and puts it on her head. In line, she places the frozen peas and a trinket on the conveyor belt. The fortysomething woman rings the panic button. The police sirens light up the parking lot as two officers arrest her. The thirtysomething woman, an officer, puts her in the police car.

Rating: 5/5

Jessie Murph turns on a movie in the nursing home. A sixtysomething man asks when the movie is going to start. She tells him in a few minutes. A seventysomething woman crosses her arms across her chest, saying she wants to play checkers again. The staff member instructs to hand out snacks.

She stands by the entrance of the nursing home and waits for her mom. Her mom usually ran late. A thirtysomething woman, a nurse, asks her if she needs a ride home. She tells her “no,” The thirtysomething woman says she’s doing a good job. Some volunteers just sit in the back and do nothing. Murph says she kind of likes it. The thirtysomething woman says she’ll see her next week.

Murph hands in her paperwork to court. Her mom tells her it better be the last time or she’ll drive her to the juvenile detention center and leave her there. Murph nods and stares out the window. Her mom mutters she can’t even go grocery shopping anymore. It’s like she’s trying to get out of any responsibility. Murph tunes her out as they drive back home. It was the most her mom had talked to her in months. Murph says she wants to stay with her dad for awhile. Her mom says she’s it’s fine with her. Maybe she’ll straighten up. She’s tired of her shit. Murph continues to stare as her mom continues to drive home.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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