Video Review: Martina McBride “Whatever You Say”

Wearing a hot pink coat, Martina McBride stands in a white hallway. A 15-year-old girl, with her backpack over her shoulder, walks on the sidewalk. McBride sits on the white floor.

The 15-year-old girl sits in the family room with a fortysomething man and woman. She gets up, saying, “mom, mom” as the fortysomething woman continues to read her book. The fortysomething woman holds up her finger, telling her to “wait.” She responds, “wait?” The fortysomething woman rolls her eyes. The 15-year-old girl puts her head in her hands. As she continues to talk with her mom, the fortysomething woman avoids eye contact with her. The 15-year-old girl walks out of her house and onto the sidewalk.

She passes a twentysomething man, carrying a newspaper, as he walks. He talks with a twentysomething woman at the restaurant. She pushes the food around on her fork. Shaking her head, she slumps in her chair. She talks to him and he gets up from his chair. Martina McBride waits for the twentysomething man to walk by her as she stands by the entrance of the hotel.

McBride enters the elevator. The thirtysomething man presses the button for nine. They both look up at the ceiling. She stares at the thirtysomething man and holds his arm. He touches her hand and looks at her as he leaves for his floor. She presses the button for the first floor and stares at the ground. Back on the hotel entrance, she shakes her head and walks on the sidewalk.

Rating: 3/5

The 15-year-old girl clears her plate and places in the dishpan. She gathers the dirty plates on the table as her best friend and her parents talk. Her best friend’s mom says it’s not necessary for her to wash the dishes. The 15-year-old girl says she wants to make sure she’s doing her part. Her best friend’s mom says she should be doing her homework. The 15-year-old girl says she’ll be upstairs.

Her best friend asks if her she’s talked to her mom. The 15-year-old girl says she has. Her mom simply told her “if you like it so much, just stay there.” Her best friend says maybe they’ll be at the choir concert. The 15-year-old girl says she doesn’t think so. They probably don’t even know about it.

Her best friend’s mom hangs up the phone. She whispers to her husband that she doesn’t know what to tell the 15-year-old girl. Her husband says they can comfort her. As they drive to the concert, her best friend’s mom say they have bad news. The 15-year-old girl asks if it’s about her parents. Her best friend’s mom says they won’t be there. The 15-year-old girl says she figured as much. Her best friend’s mom says she is a part of their family and they’ll be there for her. The 15-year-old girl nods and says she appreciates it.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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