Video Review: Julianne Hough “That Song In My Head”

Julianne Hough tunes her radio as she stands on the Ventura Pier in Ventura, California. She runs her hand through her hair as she walks on the pier. Wearing a green dress at night, she glances over her shoulder, staring at a twentysomething man while she talks with her friends.

She dances on the pier. A twentysomething woman walks up to her and she gives her a hug. In a charcoal dress, she lies on the floor on the sand. The twentysomething man stares at her. She says “hey” to him and sits with him in the back of his truck.

A second twentysomething woman, holding balloons, smiles at Hough as she walks by her on the pier. She dances with the twentysomething man. They watch as a third twentysomething woman twists the flame on the stick. He writes his phone number on her hand. Back on the pier, she smiles at two twentysomething women as they hula dance. She watches a 17-year-old boy breakdance. She shakes her hips as they continue to dance.

The twentysomething man sits in the back of his pick-up truck on the beach. She drops her boombox when she sees him. They kiss.

Rating: 2/5

Julianne Hough reaches for the twentysomething man’s hand as they ride their bicycles on the pier. He laughs, saying he’s going to fall. As he tips, she slows down. He balances himself, saying it’s enough adventure for him. Hough waves her hand at him, calling him a big baby and races ahead of him. The twentysomething man speeds up to catch up with her.

She chews on an oyster as he pays for it at the food truck. Holding out an oyster, she asks him, “are you sure you don’t want one.” He cringes, saying he’s going to get himself a hot dog. She tells him he’s missing out as he puts mustard on his hot dog.

She stands on stage and sings during karaoke. The twentysomething man covers his face with his hands as she motions for him to join her. She finishes the song while the people clap. As she sits down, she orders a drink and says it was fun. He tells he doesn’t know how she can do that. She shrugs and says she just doesn’t think about it. He says it makes sense and tells her they should be get home a little earlier. She texts her friends and says her friends were looking forward to meeting him. He gets his jacket and tells them he said hi. She kisses him and says they’ll talk tomorrow.

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2008

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