Video Review: Fantasia “Bittersweet”

A flyer flies in the city. Fantasia pours herself some liquor in a glass in her dressing room. She puts on her earrings as she sings and takes her engagement ring off her finger. Standing up. the twentysomething man (Devin Lewis) walks behind her and puts his arms around her waist. It lands on the sidewalk, advertising Fantasia’s One Night Only show.

Gold lights shine on her as she sings. As the curtain opens, the people in the audience clap for her. Staring at the wall, she sees the twentysomething man. Wearing a pink leopard print blouse. she stands by a door. She makes out with him on the chair in her dressing room. He puts the ring on her finger as he stands behind her.

People wait for her outside of the theater. They wave her photo. A second twentysomething man stares at her. She pauses for a second and thinks it’s the twentysomething man. She signs a picture and gets inside the car. In the car, she takes off the ring and drops it out the window. The second twentysomething man and several people call out “hey” as she drives off.

Rating: 4/5

The engagement ring was going for $10,000 on eBay. Fantasia closes her laptop. The gossip sites were picking up the listing. The fan had written it was found by the theater. They had a picture of her wearing it on stage. The gossip sites article’s ended with “no comment” from the twentysomething man.

He was keeping his promise to not to talk to the press. Although she wanted him to break it, like every other promise they had made to each other. It didn’t matter at this point. He had moved on to the new It girl actress. A life of fame suited him.

She had worn the ring, waiting for his return. It had become a part of her. But she had to let it go. An up and coming twentysomething man, a singer, she met on a reality show had called her several times. She avoided him at events. He didn’t deserve it. However, her gaze went to the twentysomething man each time.

Director: Lenny Bass Year: 2010

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