Video Review: Meduza & Hozier “Tell It To My Heart”

Two twentysomething brothers lie on floating concrete raft, a cross between them in Mexico. As children, they smile at one another and wrestle on the beach. They sit with their twentysomething mother on the rock. The twentysomething men lock their arms as they fight. They lie on two seperate tree branches, their eyes closed.

Back as children, they play in the park. The twentysomething woman holds the twentysomething man’s hand. A third twentysomething man runs his hand along the fence as he watches second twentysomething man dance with another man. Lit in scarlet red, the the second and third twentysomething man dance. The second twentysomething man dances by himself within the abandoned structure.

The second twentysomething man swims in the ocean. The third twentysomething man holds his hand underwater. Shirtless, they lie on the floating concrete raft. The twentysomething man catches them in the ocean. The twentysomething brothers arch their backs as they stand in the abandoned structure. They scream and hug.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething man packs a picture frame in a cardboard box. He asks the second twentysomething man if he remembers the beach. The second twentysomething man nods and carries the box. He tells the twentysomething man they don’t really have time to goof off. They only have the van for a few more hours.

The second twentysomething man cries into the third twentysomething man’s shoulder. He wipes the tears from his eyes and says he should’ve been at the funeral. The third twentysomething man says he understands. It’s something they must go through as a family. The second twentysomething man says he’s his family now.

The second twentysomething man listens to the twentysomething man on his voicemail. “Please call. I want to know the the third twentysomething man.” The second twentysomething man replays it again. Maybe he’ll call tomorrow. He sounded okay about it. The third twentysomething man puts his hand on his shoulder. The second twentysomething man presses the twentysomething man’s number on his phone.

Director: Monica G. Carter Year: 2021

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