Video Review: Melissa Manchester “Thief of Hearts”

Lit in royal blue, a twentysomething man runs on the street. Melissa Manchester glances out her apartment window as he continues to run on the rooftop. He climbs down the fire escape. Shirtless, he tosses and turns in bed. He sits up and smokes a cigarette. Back in royal blue, she walks around her bedroom.

Manchester lies on her bed. He takes a shower. A twentysomething woman holds onto him in the shower. He slicks his hair back and puts on a belt in front of the floor-length mirror. She walks down the staircase. Back in royal blue, he sleeps with the twentysomething woman in his bed. He walks on the sidewalk in the city. Manchester pulls her arm away as he follows her in the hallway. He pokes her in the neck. Manchester sits in her chair.

Rating: 3/5

Melissa Manchester touches the necklace around her neck. It had been in her mailbox. The twentysomething man was nearby. However, he wouldn’t be able to be visit. But he was alive. The squalor he was living in, though, horrified her. He had to come back again someday.

She slips the note of her lawyer in the mailbox. He’ll find it there. Perhaps he’ll call and save himself. She had money and could save him. He truly wasn’t a danger to anyone. The designer suits he wore were a façade. He didn’t have much and only wanted a better life for himself. Her lawyer believed her. But she couldn’t convince the twentysomething man of it.

The note was gone and replaced with a bracelet. It was vintage and a valuable piece. She puts it in her safe. It was an insurance policy for herself. Even though he couldn’t be there with her, he was trying to help her. Her ex-husband had taken most of what she had. The apartment, which he still paid for, was given to her in the divorce. Her ex-husband had accused of being foolish, falling for a man who may kill her. He wanted no part of her criminal activity and left her. She wears the necklace around her neck and opens the locket. It was a picture of her from a month ago. She kisses it and smiles as she walks to her bedroom.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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