Video Review: Kriss Kross, Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri & Aaliyah “Live and Die For Hip Hop”

Police sirens wail as Chris Smith and Chris Kelly run on the sidewalk. Kelly glances over his shoulder and sees the two thirtysomething men, in police officer uniforms, behind them. They walk into a store. A fiftysomething man looks up from his book and presses a button to let them into a secret room inside. The thirtysomething men walk into the store. The fiftysomething man looks up again as one of the thirtysomething man says, “they are not here.”

In the secret room, a twentysomething woman pulls a lever on slot machine. Cards are dealt on the craps table. A second fiftysomething man sits in a car across the street, watching the building. Through his binoculars, he watches as Da Brat, wearing a royal blue fur coat, closes the door of her car and walks inside.

Da Brat rolls the dice at the craps table. A group of people clap as she wins. Smith, Kelly, and Da Brat perform against a black background. Smith smiles at Da Brat. Da Brat puts her hand on her chest, mouthing “me?” She places her bet. Smith talks with a twentysomething woman as they sit at a table. Kelly watches as a thirtysomething man argues with a twentysomething woman. The twentysomething woman stares at Kelly as he tells the thirtysomething man to go. Kelly links his arm with hers as they walk away.

Kelly, Da Brat and Smith take turns rapping in the hallway. The fiftysomething man makes a call and about a dozen of police officers run to the building. Jermaine Dupri holds some dice in his hand as he sits in the chair, watching the security camera. He counts money on the table. Back in the building, the fortysomething man tells one of the thirtysomething man to press the button. As the police officers walk into the secret, they see it’s empty. The fortysomething man watches the dice spin on the floor.

Rating: 5/5

Chris Kelly observes the people in the hall. A twentysomething woman was celebrating her win. A fortysomething man was leaning on the table, studying the cards. Kelly walks over to the fortysomething man and puts his hand on his shoulder, wishing him luck. The fortysomething man nods and says it’s his last play. Kelly scans the fortysomething man’s chips. He was running low. Kelly motions a server to get the fortysomething man a drink.

Jermaine Dupri calls another building in the area. Places were becoming difficult to find. The business owners had heard about the fiftysomething man and wanted no part of it. Dupri estimated they had less than a month left. One of his security guards had been spotting the same car for about two weeks.

Smith walks with a second twentysomething woman and kisses her on the cheek. She says she doesn’t see him in jail. Smith says they’ll stop when they need to. The twentysomething woman says for not to push it and pleads with him to take her home. Something doesn’t feel right. From the car, Smith watches as the police surround the building.

Director: David Nelson Year: 1996

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