Video Review: Billie Eilish & Khalid “Lovely”

Lit in cobalt, Billie Eilish sits inside a glass cube. Wearing her Beats By Dre headphones, she tilts her head and walks around. Khalid walks behind her. He puts his hand on her cheek and she pushes him away. They walk together and watch the storm cloud above them. Rain pours on the glass as they sit on the floor.

The rain becomes ice as they hold onto to each other. The impact causes them to separate. The cube is empty as the glass breaks.

Rating: 4/5

Billie Eilish draws in her notebook during class. Khalid asks her if she has a pencil. Scowling, she tells him no and returns to her drawing. As they get up, Khalid tells her it looks really cool. Eilish scoffs, holding her notebook to her chest as she leaves class.

Eilish’s mom says her C grades are unacceptable. Her mom takes away her notebook. Eilish grabs it back and it tears. She says she wants to move out. Her mom, hands on her hip, asks her, “where are you going to go?” Eilish throws her notebook in the trash and slams the door of her bedroom.

One of her friends calls Khalid a slur as he waves to them. Eilish tells her friends they suck and looks for Khalid in the hallway. Khalid says he’s fine. Eilish tells him she isn’t proud she has friends like that. She doesn’t even want them as friends. Khalid says a friend of his is having a party tomorrow and she can come if she wants. He’ll pick her up. Eilish writes down the directions to her house and asks for his phone number.

Directors: Taylor Cohen and Matty Peacock Year: 2018

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