Video Review: Fireboy DML & Ed Sheeran “Peru”

Fireboy DML sits in his car at night, texting Ed Sheeran, “Yo Bro, I’m in London.” Sheeran talks with a twentysomething man at the bar as his phone vibrates. He responds, “Correct. Pull up at W11 6BL.” Lit in teal, DML walks in a warehouse. Several twentysomething women sit on benches as he walks towards him. Lit in rusted orange, a twentysomething woman dances with him. He talks with a couple of the twentysomething women by the benches.

Back in teal, he and the twentysomething women dance by a car. Sheeran sings as he sits on the staircase. A second twentysomething woman dances on top of the staircase in rusted orange silhouette. Sheeran joins DML and dances with him. Three twentysomething women perform a dance routine. Sheeran and DML dance in a plum painted hallway. They continue to dance with the group of twentysomething women.

Rating: 1/5

Fireboy DML drives his rented car to the bar. He texts Ed Sheeran if it was the right one. Sheeran waves at him on the sidewalk. DML parks his car in the structure as Sheeran points out the stores to him. Sheeran says he’s hanging out with one of his friends.

DML shakes the hand of Sheeran’s friend and tells him he likes London. The twentysomething man gestures he knows of a underground place. Sheeran asks him, “are you in?” DML shrugs and pays for his drink. DML follows the twentysomething man and Sheeran to a warehouse. The twentysomething man says it’s been abandoned for a year. He and his friends have been spending time there every so often.

DML texts some of his friends and tells them to come over. The twentysomething women say it’s good to meet him. Sheeran dances as the twentysomething man sets up his phone to play music. DML catches up with some of the women. One of them was in London for a few days. A second friend urges him to stay one more day. DML tells Sheeran he’s leaving. Sheeran gives him a hug and says to call him anytime.

Director: Gabriella Kingsley Year: 2021

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