Video Review: Tori Amos “God”

A dozen rats scatter to a person’s foot. Two twentysomething women throw food to the rats gathered by them. Tori Amos puts her hand over the flame of a candle inside a darkened church. A twentysomething woman sits at her vanity puts on a wig. A second twentysomething woman rolls a third twentysomething woman’s hair in curls.

Amos lies on the floor of the temple and pets the rats as they walk on her body. A menorah sits on a table. Amos holds a snake as people play music. The candle goes out. She shaves her legs outside the temple. A rat crawls around a twentysomething man’s neck as he eats rice with his hands. A second twentysomething man, a priest and a third twentysomething man, wrap belts around their arms. Amos cradles in her arms as she sits in the temple.

A seventysomething man handles a snake and walks with it. She licks the blood of her cut on her leg. The fourth twentysomething man, a priest, shakes his tambourine and preaches at the lectern. A sixtysomething man shakes and falls onto the floor. People look at him as they play the music.

Rating: 5/5

Tori Amos unclasps her hands and sits back in the pew. She wasn’t sure if this God had heard her. Next to her, a twentysomething man rests his folded hands on his head and says his prayers. Amos studies the stained glass painting of the Virgin Mary. The Virgin Mary was her kind of her girl.

Amos holds the snake in her hands and begins to utter strange sounds. The priest declares the spirit was within her. Amos wasn’t feeling anything. It was what she was expected to do. She had attended services for months and months without any true revelation.

She tells the 10-year-old boys and girls in her Catholicism class to turn the page. The 10-year-old boy raises his hand and asks, “how does God know stuff?” She pauses. How did God know stuff? Why didn’t God prevent her mother’s cancer? Why was she there? She says she doesn’t know and tells them they are excused for the afternoon to watch cartoons instead.

Director: Melodie McDaniel Year: 1994

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