Video Review: Clean Bandit & Whitney Houston “How Will I Know”

A thirtysomething woman (Ashley Everett) types on the computer in her office. A thirtysomething man (Charles Fournier) cleans the windows. A twentysomething man (Marlon Pelayo) sits at his desk with his chin in his hands. Eliza (Heather Morris) sips her coffee and catches him nodding off. She rolls her eyes and returns to her work.

The twentysomething man opens the Hinge app on his phone. He stares at her as she talks at the watercooler. She lets the folder hit her chest while she walks by as she looks at him. Standing up by his desk, he watches his co-workers dance. Eliza puts on her headphones while she walks down the hallway. He checks her desk and sees the note she left on the monitor.

Eliza drinks her coffee on the sidewalk. The thirtysomething woman talks on the phone in her office. A third thirtysomething man shakes his hair out in the bathroom. A second twentysomething man paints and smiles at a third twentysomething man sitting in his office. The thirtysomething woman opens her phone and realizes she’s matched with the thirtysomething man on the app. The twentysomething man and his co-workers dance in the lobby.

Eliza returns to the office as her co-workers make room for her as they dance. A fourth thirtysomething woman plays saxophone. Eliza bops her head as she takes the elevator. The thirtysomething woman smiles at the thirtysomething man cleaning her window. The third twentysomething man eats as the second twentysomething man leans against the wall. Eliza sings into her phone. Their co-workers run up to the stairs. They watch as Eliza and the twentysomething man dance together on the rooftop.

The second thirtysomething man crawls on the second thirtysomething man’s desk. They splatter paint on the window. Eliza deletes the Hinge app from the twentysomething man’s phone. She pushes him from the ledge. The twentysomething man wakes up and Eliza rolls her eyes as she sits at her desk.

Rating: 3/5

The twentysomething man scrolls through his phone on his downtime. He swipes past several profiles on the dating app. Pausing, he stares at Eliza’s picture. She was beautiful. Apparently, she broke up with her boyfriend. They had been going out for years. Perhaps he had a chance.

Eliza does a dance by the copier. The twentysomething man smiles as he watches her. She turns and exclaims “oh!” He tells her it’s fine. Eliza says at least the dance lessons were good for something. The twentysomething man nods and copies his mail.

The twentysomething man stands Eliza’s desk. Eliza asks, “what did you have to say?” The twentysomething man shakes his head, saying he lost his train of thought. Eliza says he’ll remember it when he’s at home. The twentysomething man responds, “it always happens that way” and cringes at himself for not telling her he liked her.

Director: Ezra Hurwitz Year: 2021

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