Video Review: Coldplay “Fix You”

Chris, sitting on Tooley Street at night, gets up and walks. A headlight shines on him in the tunnel. He passes by the Royal National Theatre. In between, he twirls a light hanging from the ceiling at Reebok Stadium in Bolton, England. While on Waterloo bridge, he stares at the skyline.

Chris runs through the tunnel, on the street and up the stairs onto the stage. He twirls the light on the ceiling again. He plays the piano as fans along during the concert.

Rating: 2/5

The city was rather quiet, Chris Martin thinks as he walks. Somewhere across the street, two twentysomething women talk. He overhears them discussing the movie they just watched. The twentysomething woman raves about it. The second twentysomething disagrees, saying the lead actor was miscast.

A car passes by him the tunnel. It was heading towards the bridge. A couple people wave to him and ask if he could take a picture. He snaps the photo on the phone. They seemed to be American. He hopes they are enjoying their evening.

Chris finishes the song, his body full of energy. The walk had been relaxing. The screaming and cheers were jarring. However, he loved being on stage. He wanted to add a couple more songs. But the venue had a curfew and the setlist had been decided. He blows a kiss to the fans and tells them he had the best time.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2005

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