Video Review: Ari Lennox “Pressure”

Circa 1970, Ari Lennox, wearing a Chloe and Chenelle gown, performs on stage. Two twentysomething women accompany her on background vocals. Sitting on the carpet, she holds up the telephone receiver and dances in place. She stands by the television and talks on the phone.

As she twirls the cord, the two twentysomething women exchange glances as she talks on the phone. They dance in front of the television. She continues to dance by a mirrored wall as disco balls sparkle. Circa 2000, she and the two twentysomething women dance in a narrow hallway. Lennox, wearing a silver uniform, eats Smartfood popcorn and switches between the screens.

Rating: 5/5

Ari Lennox, in her 60s, throws a tabloid in the garbage can. The article was speculating about her grandson’s marriage to a former pop star. They were saying it was over and her grandson was cheating. She texts her grandson and tells him to watch who he talks to. Her grandson responds he thinks who he knows who it is. She scrolls through the new music and hears a sample one of her songs in it.

Back in her day, she had been the lead singer of a girl group in the 1970s. Her background singers had been her best friends. However, producers were only wanted to work with her. One of her background singers gave an interview, complaining about not having any say and every producer overlooking her. Her background singer left for a solo career and was never heard from again. A replacement was hired but she couldn’t stand her. Her group broke up afterwards.

She makes some edits to a lifetime achievement award speech. Her great-grandson claps. The former pop star asks her if she has picked out a dress. Lennox shows her a picture from the designer. The former pop star exclaims “wow!” She says she has fitting for it tomorrow. The former pop star says she’s looking over a contract for a deal. Lennox says “good” and says her lawyer go over it, too. Her granddaughter-in-law had it rough herself. She knew. She experienced it. It was such a different world than when she started out.

Director: Chandler Lass Year: 2021

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