Video Review: Jake Owen “American Country Love Song”

A fortysomething woman stands by an RV, saying to Jake Owen, “I love her, I love her. I hope you love her as much as I love her. I’m going to start crying.” Owen puts his dog in the passenger seat and the key in the ignition. He taps the steering wheel with his hand as he drives.

He holds the American flag as he walks in the Tennessee Alabama Fireworks store. A dreamcatcher sways in the van. While he does donuts in the parking lot, the American flag blows in the wind. He waves on a video as he talks with a twentysomething woman. A sign on the expressway states the exit for Chattanooga in Tennessee. People gather and listen to him as he plays the guitar in the RV in the evening.

He sprays the hose in the air at the car wash. His dog sits in the car and waits for him to get gas at the station. On the seat, he has two boxes of pizza and eats a slice. While on the side of the road, he comments “I ran out of his gas” as he pours the gas into the tank. He merges onto the expressway. Seventeen-year-boys run on the field during football practice at Vero Beach High School in Vero Beach, Florida.

A thirtysomething man nods his head as they listen to music in Owen’s van. He stands by a lemonade stand. A 17-year-old boy tosses a jersey to him. He puts on the jersey and plays with them. Two thirtysomething men dressed as 17th century soldiers stand by him. He plays golf while a fiftysomething man salutes. Owen drives on a bridge.

Rating: 2/5

Jake Owen groans as the gas tank dings. It was the third time he had to put money in it. But he didn’t feel like it tonight. He pulls off at the exit somewhere in Alabama and rents a hotel room. As he walks his dog, he thinks he has to shorten the trip. The initial plan was to go as he could. However, he couldn’t drive anymore.

Owen schedules an event in Florida. He gives them an estimated time, saying traffic has been trying during the day. His dog whimpers and barks as he sits in the seat. Owen tells him, “10 more minutes, buddy.” His dog continues to bark. Owen turns off at another exit and walks his dog.

The 17-year-old boy says he’s his idol and asks him how many girls he gets. Owen scratches his forehead and changes the subject. A second 17-year-old boy throws him the football and says for him to play. As Owen runs on the field, he cheers as he makes a touchdown. Damn, it felt good. He waves goodbye to them. One of his friends claps for him and says “let’s go.” Owen leans back in the seat as his friend drives. He tells his friend they are flying home.

Director: Jeff Venable Year: 2016

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