Video Review: Alex Brown “(Come On) Shout”

A twentysomething man hits the steering wheel of his car at the drive-in. He opens the hood and checks the engine. As Alex Brown creates a line in her pantyhose, a second twentysomething man gets out of the passenger seat and looks at with him.

Brown opens the trunk in a car and walks out. She serves people at the drive-in. On the screen, a clip from the 1985 film, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Jeff (Lee Montgomery) dances on the trail. Brown dances between the cars. Back on screen, Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) does backflips. Her best friend, Lynne (Helen Hunt) claps for her. Janey hangs up the phone at her house. Drew (Jonathan Silverman) groans and puts his head on the locker. Back at the drive-in, Brown sings within the screen as the people dance.

Onscreen, Janey, Lynne, and Maggie (Shannen Doherty) hang out together at the dance. Janey gives Jeff a thumbs-up. Jeff and Janey practice their dance routine at the studio. Janey and Jeff kiss. The people at the drive-in perform a dance routine.

Rating: 3.5/5

Alex Brown takes the order of two twentysomething men, Glancing at the screen, she sees Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff dance. She rooted for them every night she watched it. They made a sweet couple. She serves the two twentysomething men their sodas and hamburgers.

Brown closes her eyes and thinks of each step. She’d seen it so many times. A twentysomething woman leaps out of her car and mimics the routine on screen. Brown walks by, watching her as she walks to the kitchen. The cashier rolls her eyes and says they do it every night. Brown comments it’s always right at the same scene, too.

Several people join in with the twentysomething woman. Brown puts down her tray and dances with them. The twentysomething woman smiles at her as the do the last few steps. The twentysomething woman says it’s guess to time to go back to her car. Brown tells her to have a good night. Her boss gestures for her to come over. Brown says she quits and walks to her car.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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