Video Review: Sam Hunt “23”

Sam Hunt walks in a field. A thirtysomething woman walks in the hallway of her home. A seventysomething man sits in his chair while a second thirtysomething woman sits at table. She places her baby in the crib. Wearing a virtual reality headset, she watches a twentysomething version of herself roller skating on the trail.

The thirtysomething woman takes off her blazer and blouse. She puts on her robe and stands in the bathroom, touching her cheek as she looks in the mirror. In the kitchen, she sits at the counter and drinks a glass of wine. She picks up the virtual reality and watches herself at 23 years old, wearing a baseball clap, hanging out with her then-boyfriend in the field.

The seventysomething man looks a framed photograph with his group of his friends. He puts on the virtual reality headset and sees himself riding a horse as a twentysomething. While he sits in his chair, he sees the horses following him. He and his group of friends talk by the campfire. They each put the headsets down. Hunt walks to the second thirtysomething woman as a 23-year-old.

Rating: 3/5

The second thirtysomething woman hums to her baby as she walks in her house at night. Moving the door. she checks on her dad, seventysomething man sleeping in the chair. She puts her baby in the crib and sits in the chair. Living with her dad wasn’t how she pictured being in her 30s. But they both were alone.

Sam Hunt wouldn’t have left her with a kid. They would’ve worked it out. She thinks about him everyday. He probably forgot about her a long time ago. Every so often, she looked up online and saw that he was still single. Her dad urged him to message him. She changed the subject and made an excuse to leave the room.

The thirtysomething woman changes into her sweatpants. She searches for a game to watch on television. As she watches the the women of the WNBA, she thinks of possible plays in her mind. If she could only be in the stadium, trying to win a championship. However, it was far out of reach. Switching the channel, she sees her then-boyfriend scoring a homerun for the national baseball team. Her then-boyfriend had told her to put her name in the draft. She refused, saying she had to be realistic. She chose to work in an office. But whenever a game came on, she imagined herself there, arms raised in victory.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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