Video Review: Mick Jagger “Sweet Thing”

A twentysomething woman, painted on the wall, opens her eyes. A twentysomething man and second twentysomething woman rise out of the bubbling water in the fountain. Mick Jagger walks down the hallway. The twentysomething man and woman raise their hands in the air.

A third twentysomething woman swims in baby blue water. A fourth twentysomething woman, painted into the wall, stares at her fingers. She turns her head and dances by Jagger. The second twentysomething touches the second twentysomething man’s stomach. Jagger stops as a third twentysomething man, painted into the wall, dances by him.

Jagger walks into a room as several twentysomething women, in black dresses, dance. He twirls one of the twentysomething women. The second twentysomething man kisses the second twentysomething man’s arm. She touches his chest. They hold hands as they go back into the water. Some of the painted people dance behind Jagger. A thirtysomething man walks down the stairs and plays the saxophone. A fifth twentysomething woman walks down the stars and puts her hands on Jagger’s chest. The twentysomething woman returns back to the wall.

Rating: 3.5/5

The twentysomething woman takes two steps out of the wall. Every once in a while she liked the feeling of the cold underneath her feet. It reminded her she was real and not an object to be admired. She was considered to be the finest piece of art throughout the house. The house cleaners took special care with cleaning her and she was not allowed out, unlike the other statues. She broke the rules whenever she could.

The third twentysomething man pops out of the wall as Jagger walks by. He performs a dance for him. Jagger gives him a small shrug as he continues to walk. The third twentysomething man stares at the floor, gulping back tears. Jagger used to notice him all the time. Whenever he passed by, he talked about the person who sculpted him. The third twentysomething loved that story. But he no longer heard it anymore. Sometimes, the twentysomething told it to him.

The fourth twentysomething woman rubs her belly. A part of Jagger was within her. It’ll be another piece of art to add to his collection. Only a couple more months to go. The fourth twentysomething woman lays on the chair. It was getting too hard to be standing all day.

Director: Julien Temple Year: 1993

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