Video Review: Muni Long “Hrs and Hrs”

Lit in electric blue, a clock hangs on the wall. In a white dress, she moves her arms back and forth in a lavender lit room. She touches her leg as she leans against a column. Lit in scarlet red, she places her hands on the glass floor. Lit

in hot pink, she leans her hand on other column and hangs her head. She dances between the columns. Multiple clocks decorate the walls. She holds a clock to her chest. Back in electric blue, she stands by the column in silhouette.

Rating: 1/5

It was 10 pm in Germany. Her time was 7 a.m. The other clocks represented times throughout the United States, Africa and Europe. She wanted to know the time anywhere. It was though she could be anywhere. She thinks of her boyfriend somewhere in Greece. He’s probably sleeping by now. She places her phone by the pillow, checking it every few hours.

Time had slowed down. She punches out on the computer. Her co-worker asks when her boyfriend will be home. As they walk to the elevator, she says in another month. Her co-worker tells her it’ll be here before you know it. She nods. A month seemed like a year.

Time was going by so fast. She had missed her boyfriend’s call. They called each other every night around 7 pm. He texts her, “I’ll try tomorrow.” It was an hour since she came home. She had made dinner and cleaned up. That was it. She responds, “I’m still up” and sits in the chair in the family room.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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