Video Review: P!nk “U + Ur Hand”

A book, titled “The Story of Lady Delish,” sits on a table. The first chapter at Pancho’s Garage. A message scrawls by on screen that “Lady Delish loved cars.” Lady Delish (P!nk, using artist Martin Emond’s characters without permission) holds a wrench over her head as she stands by a car. A twentysomething man looks over at her as he stands by the tools. She throws a wrench at him and he ducks.

At the gym, she jump ropes as her coach, Carlos, talks to her. A message on the screen, says “her love life waned” as she concentrated on working out. She sits on the ledge of a tower, sucking a lollipop as two twentysomething men fight. In the Tea Garden chapter, she reads a book in a forest as the twentysomething man gazes at her. She stands with a drink her hand in the chapter, “Governor’s Ball. ” A second twentysomething man spills his drink on her chest and she walks away, shaking her head.

In the “Home Alone Again” chapter, she lies on her bed, wearing a lace bodysuit. The message scrawls on screen that “she decides to taunt an old flame.” She takes her picture of herself with a camera and kisses a box, addressed to Daddy Dick.

Rating: 2/5

Lady Delish retouches her nails as she sits on the bench in the locker room. It had been a rough workout. Every bone and muscle ached. She blows on her nails to dry them and stands up. As she walks out, Carlos offers to drive her home. She says she got it. On her way home, she was planning to go to the bar.

A thirtysomething man, a senator she recognized from the news, leans against the counter, and tells her she’s gorgeous. Delish sips her drink and reminds him he’s married. The thirtysomething man shrugs, saying “we all make mistakes.” Delish wrangles her hand out of his grip as she gets up. She hisses to him, “not to try it again.”

The twentysomething man approaches her as she reads. He asks her about the characters and how she far she was into it. Delish grins and answers his questions. He was a pleasant man but kind of boring. She excuses herself and finds another spot in the garden. Her affair with the thirtysomething man was becoming known and she preferred to distance herself from any relationships right now.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2006

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