Video Review: Dierks Bentley, Breland & Hardy “Beers On Me”

Dierks Bentley turns as he drives a truck in Nashville, Tennessee. Bentley plays the guitar in the back of the truck. A group of twentysomething people wait as he parks. He puts some cases of beer on a dolly. Breland smiles as he hands out a couple cans.

Hardy, Breland and Bentley pass out some beer on the sidewalk. The group of people clink their cans together. They stand with Hardy, Breland and Bentley at the angel wings mural. A thirtysomething woman bounces a beach ball in the pool as Bentley’s truck pulls up. He talks through the bullhorn as he walks on the patio with Breland and Hardy. Breland sits in the front seat of the truck. He tosses a can of beer behind him. A twentysomething man catches it in the pool.

They stop at a construction site. A fortysomething man laughs with Breland. A second thirtysomething woman drinks beer at the dog park. Bentley bends down and shows a dog the can. Breland sings at the basketball court. Bentley wheels the dolly to the basketball. A third twentysomething woman drinks the beer. A basketball lands in the net. People raise their hands as Hardy, Breland and Bentley pass out beers in front of Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row.

Rating: 1/5

A thirtysomething man bites into the yolk in his salad and says he heard Dierks Bentley was going to show up. The second thirtysomething man asks the server if she knows if Bentley is going to be around. The 18-year-old girl says she doesn’t know and takes their plates.

A fortysomething man turns his head in the booth in front of them and says Bentley has a promotional event going on. Their server told them he’s somewhere in the area today. The fortysomething man says he’s going to wait. The second thirtysomething man orders some water for them. They look out the window, watching the cars pass by.

A fiftysomething woman screams and points at the window, saying people are on the sidewalk for him. She leaves her meal and walks out of the door. The two thirtysomething men walk out of their chairs and push through the crowd. The fortysomething man returns to the restaurant and drinks his beer from Bentley. The 18-year-old girl asks if he’d like anything. He shakes his head and says he’s staying until the crowd thins out a bit.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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