Video Review: Rihanna “Cheers (Drink To That)”

Twentysomething women shout “Rihanna” outside a stadium at night. Rihanna puts on eyeshadow as she sits in the dressing room. Fireworks go off as she points and smiles while standing next to a second twentysomething woman. Backstage, she puts on her Adam Selman metallic jacket, which covers her floral bikini.

Wearing sunglasses, she drives her car in Barbados. As the sunsets, she and a friend walk in the ocean. She touches a person’s hand in the front row as she sings on stage. She holds up a camcorder and films three of her friends talking backstage. An envelope sits on a table.

She sticks out her tongue and poses for a picture on her phone. While driving out of the venue, she peeks her head out of the window. She takes a shot on stage and drops the glass. Two people walk with her as she boards a private jet. Avril Lavigne raises her red plastic cup in the backyard. A twentysomething man slides Lavigne into the pool.

Photographers film her as she has drinks with a thirtysomething woman. She air guitars as she sits on the couch. On the white board, she writes “to all my family @ Beck’s Bar.” Lavigne skateboards on the edge of the pool and jumps in. Chris Brown talks with her as they sit on the boat. She crawls behind the stage. Wearing her Grand Kadooment outfit, she talks on the phone. She waves a flag as she dances on a float in the parade. Cee-Lo Green points at her as she performs. Kanye West and Jay-Z join her on stage. While on the boat, she shouts “Rihanna Navy!”

Rating: 5/5

Rihanna talks with one of a thirtysomething woman at the bar. From the corner of the eye, she can see the photographers. She ignores them as her friend talks about her last date. Rihanna orders another round of drinks for them. The thirtysomething woman says she can’t. Rihanna scoffs and says she’ll be able to handle it.

She walks on stage as she sings. Being on stage was like walking down the hallway at home. As she sings, she thinks of what she needs to do tomorrow. She has one last fitting for her outfit, which she has later on in the afternoon. In the audience, she sees some family members and waves to them.

Rihanna sets the table at her grandmother’s house. She shows her grandma some of the custom outfits being made for her. Her grandmother tells her they are beautiful. Her 7-year-old niece says she wants one just like it. Rihanna grins, saying she can have it when she gets a little older.

Directors:  Evan Rogers and Ciara Pardo Year: 2011

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