Video Review: Alisha “Into My Secret”

Against a black background, Alisha whispers into a twentysomething man’s ear. A fiftysomething man talks on his cell phone. Alisha dances in front of a fountain. Two thirtysomething men and a woman dance off to the side. One of the thirtysomething men steps aside and whispers into a second twentysomething woman’s ear. Her jaw drops.

Alisha and several people dance in front of the columns by the building. She continues to dances on the steps. The second twentysomething woman whispers into 16-year-old boy’s ear as he holds on to his bike. He rushes off with his bike. A seventysomething man sits on the bench, reading the newspaper. The 16-year-old boy tells him what he heard. A 15-year-old boy talks on a pay phone while a fortysomething man, a reporter, writes down the conversation in his notebook. Lit in teal, a couple of twentysomething women operate a switchboard.

A newspaper headline reads: “Scandal! Secret Revealed.” A photographer and a reporter, a third thirtysomething woman, runs down the steps and put a microphone in the fortysomething man’s face. The 16-year-old boy hands out newspapers. A fourth twentysomething man rolls up some bread in the newspaper and hands it to the sixtysomething woman.

Rating: 3/5

The fiftysomething man resigns his position on the board. He apologizes to the state for misusing funds. “It was for the good of the city.” He states he was planning to build the city’s reputation with some high-rise apartments and develop other areas of the city.

Alisha shakes her head as she puts the newspaper away. She had seen the fiftysomething man bribe police officers at the park with her own eyes. She had reported it to the police. However, they refused to do anything. She told everyone she knew to watch him whenever he came to the park. She knew he was going to get caught at some point.

Alisha laughs as she talks with her best friend. Her best friend leans in, asking her, “I know you’re the reason I got fired at work.” Alisha slams her cup down and says she wants proof. Her best friend shows her a picture and says “sorry.” Alisha walks away and says they are no longer friends.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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