Video Review: Juice WRLD “Already Dead”

An animated city burns at night. Juice WRLD walks barefoot on the pavement. His eyes glow red as a twentysomething man kills someone with a sword. He flies in the air and reaches for the sword. The twentysomething man and WRLD attack each other in a sword.

WRLD slides onto the ground after a hit. He grips a piece of steel and gets himself up. The sky turns blood red as he flies towards the twentysomething man and slices his arms. The twentysomething man’s arms enlarge and grow back. They continue to fight. Blood on his lips, WRLD lies on the ground. In home video footage, WRLD records in the studio and in concert.

Animated WRLD smashes his head into the twentysomething man’s forehead. The twentysomething man becomes a giant. They continue to fight in the forest. The twentysomething man’s mouth talks within his palm. In the field, they form dragons outside of their bodies. A volcano erupts.

Rating: 5/5

Juice WRLD consults with a local priestess. She advises to be careful of dark magic. “It’ll turn you into someone you won’t like.” WRLD says it’s already happened. With every fight, he and the twentysomething died. They continued to regenerate and live again in a few hours. The fight to never stopped.

WRLD spreads the ingredients of the spell on the floor. He says the spell and watches the lights flicker. Perhaps it could turn him into a mortal again. He could return to Earth again and be human again.

With every cut, he remembers his human life: walking in the streets, talking on his phone, listening to music. None of it existed in wherever he was. The priestess told him to be patient. He’ll find his way. There was a path. He had to look closer. WRLD steels himself for another fight as he walks in the forest.

Director: Steve Cannon Year: 2022

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