Video Review: The Walters “I Love You So”

A spaceship flies past the stars in space. Luke turns to his side as he sleeps in bed. Walter, TJ, Danny and Charlie sit up in their beds. Luke holds up the monitor, saying “the sleep module is broken.” Danny shakes his head. Charlie taps some buttons on the panel, asking “how long have we been asleep?” The screen reads: “due to an error, you have been asleep since 2017.”

Luke turns the joystick and watches the window. Danny opens a door and raises his arms as an alarm goes off. They perform as they hang suspended in space. He smiles as he steers. They strap themselves into jetpacks the back of the spaceship. Luke declares “the landing module is broken.” The ship shakes and explodes as it lands. Luke leans against a box on the street. They perform on the street. While electric blue lasers swirl in the air, Charlie plays the guitar. They continue to spin as lava spills on a planet and over flames.

Rating: 1/5

Luke exclaims “what?” as he reads the news he missed on his phone. His mom tells him to calm down. There’s more. Luke asks, “how much more?” Throwing up his hands, he says the world is still crazy. In space, at least, everything stayed the same. Nothing changed. He sits on his bed. It was comfortable but he missed seeing the stars.

Charlie jumps as his antidote boils over. His medicine worked too well last time. However, lowering the strength set it off. He consults his textbooks and tries to figure out the math. They were up in space for years and saw nothing. The stars had been invisible to them. In that time, they could’ve had a new home in space.

Danny watches his favorite movies on television. After being in space and not knowing anything, it was comforting to repeat the quotes during the movie. He drinks some soda and savors the taste. It was like he was in a commercial. His house seemed to be a mansion even though it was a single floor. He loved being alone for an entire day. If it was up to him. he’d stay on Earth.

Director: Matthew Bowman Year: 2021

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