Video Review: TLC “What About Your Friends”

Two twentysomething women stand by a electric blue-lit target on a runway. Several twentysomething women strut on the runway. Lit in gray, a twentysomething woman sits backwards in a chair, holding a cigarette in a far off room. “NOT!” appears on

Several twentysomething women on the fire escape and sidewalk, dance while a message scrolls by on the screen reading “in four minutes, you’ll be entering the world of TLC.” T-Boz, Chili and Left-Eye walk past them. T-Boz turns on the stool and sings. Chili and Left Eye sit next to her at the diner. They dance by a spray-painted white wall. Left Eye sits on the sidewalk as a note above her reads: “Left Eye’s rap.” She sits on the fire escape.

T-Boz stands on the ledge. A lime green “word” appears under spray-painted name. Left Eye, Chili and T-Boz dance in front of the diner and by the graffitied wall. Chili walks up to one of the twentysomething woman on the runway and dances. Left Eye stands by one of the woman lit in gray. Left Eye drinks a cup of coffee while one of the twentysomething women, lit in gray, stares off into space. T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili continue to dance on the sidewalk.

Rating: 5/5

T-Boz instructs Left Eye to move left as they move the couch in their apartment. Chili motions to the left. Left Eye takes a baby step and moves it a little. Chili grabs part of the couch and tells T-Boz to take over. T-Boz steps back in the family room and says it’s still off. Left Eye hangs her head. T-Boz calls for a break.

A twentysomething woman compliments Chili on her hair. Chili thanks her and rolls her eyes to T-Boz as they walk away. Left Eye turns and makes a face at the twentysomething woman. Chili laughs and says the woman has the absolute nerve. Left Eye says she used to talk shit about the time when they hung out. T-Boz says she knows she got sick of her. Chili shakes her head, saying it’s not right.

Left Eye parks the car in the gas station. Chili says she’ll pay for it. T-Boz tells her she handled the couch and she’ll pick it up. Left Eye says she’s on pump 9. Chili buys some chips and chocolate for everyone. They had another hour to drive and T-Boz was going to get cranky soon. T-Boz smiles as she sees the gummi bears. They walk to the car as Left Eye stands at the pump.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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