Video Review: B2K “Girlfriend”

Jennifer (Jennifer Freeman) waits by the valet for her ride at the mall.  Carrying their bags, Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil’ Fizz walk out of the exit. Omarion shakes Jennifer’s hand and asks her, “how are you doing?” He introduces himself and tells her, “you’re beautiful. Is it possible I can give you a call sometime?” She writes down her number as her father, Mr. Biggs (Ronald Isley) pulls up.

In the backseat, Mr, Biggs calls out, “hey, you! Get away from my daughter!” She cries out “dad! He demands for her to get in the car and points to Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil’ Fizz as he says, “You’ve been warned…stay away from my daughter.” They dance in a gray painted hallway and lounge area.

Lying on her bed, Jennifer talks with Omarion on the phone, Mr. Biggs listens in on the conversation and hangs up. Dialing a number, Mr. Biggs tells his bodyguard, “I want you to follow them. Bring them both to me.” Omarion and Jennifer talk in his car. They kiss. Jennifer looks into the mirror and says, “my dad’s security guards are following us!” Omarion makes a phone call and he gets grabbed.

They stand on chestnut brown square platforms while wearing t-shirts with their faces on the back. J-Boog says “you said to call if we needed you.” The thirtysomething woman (Vivica A. Fox) sighs. J-Boog adds, “we need the godfather on this one” and explains Omarion is missing. The thirtysomething woman asks for an explanation. He gives her the address. The thirtysomething woman tells him, “we’ll handle it.”

A thirtysomething man (Flex Alexander) speeds into the parking lot and shouts for J-Boog, Raz-B and Lil’ Fizz to “come on!” They get in the car. The godfather (Will Smith) takes off his sunglasses while sitting in his chair  as the thirtysomething man says, “the kids have something to tell you.” J-Boog explains again. The godfather asks the thirtysomething man, “why don’t you handle this?” The thirtysomething man responds, “it’s Mr. Biggs chasing us around all night.” The godfather replies, “get it done.” The thirtysomething woman tells them to “go.”

J-Boog, Raz-B, the thirtysomething man and Lil’ Fizz untie Omarion and Jennifer from their chairs. Mr. Biggs walks into the empty room, saying, “what is this?” The bodyguard answers the phone and tells Mr. Biggs, “it’s the so-called godfather.” Mr. Biggs answers, “yeah.” The godfather tells him, “let it go. He’s a good kid. Anything happens to him, happens to me.” Biggs says, “just this time. You get a pass.”

While Jennifer reads in bed, Biggs walks into the room, asking her, “you’re not still mad at your daddy?” She tells him to go away. As he walks out the door, he tells her, “surprise.” Omarion walks into the room. She hugs her dad and Omarion. He asks her, “do you want to be my girlfriend.” She answers “yes.”

Rating: 4/5

Jennifer kisses Omarion as they watch a movie at her house. Omarion says it’s nice to just spend time with her. Jennifer grins and puts her head on his shoulder. Mr. Biggs walks into the family room and asks them if they want any cookies or anything. Jennifer, with clenched teeth, says “we’re fine.” Omarion comments it’s such a good movie. Jennifer nods and glances over her shoulder, motioning for her dad to to leave them alone.

Mr. Biggs passes Jennifer her magazine. As she takes a quiz, he asks her if Omarion has asked her to the dance yet. Jennifer says she hasn’t told him about it yet. Mr. Biggs says he’ll have to get a photographer. Jennifer says she doesn’t want to go. Mr. Biggs shakes his head, saying “you always want to go the dances.” Jennifer puts her pen down, gets up from her chair, responding, “not this one.”

Jennifer texts a twentysomething man on her phone. He texts her “let’s go out.” She tells him she’d like it. Omarion was nice and got along with her dad. They talked on the phone sometimes more than she did with him. It was as though her dad was planning her wedding to him. Apparently, Omarion came from a powerful family. Jennifer tells her driver to take her to the diner. The twentysomething man was going to be there.

 Director: N/A Year: 2003

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