Video Review: Adele “Oh My God”

In black-and-white, an apple sits on a chair. Adele turns her wrist as arm rests on a chair as she sits a few feet away. She continues to sit in a chair as a second version of herself stands beside her. A twentysomething woman lays on a ledge across the a chair and ladder and stares at her.

Two apples lie by the chair, tipped over on the floor. Several twentysomething woman dance by the chairs. A bouquet of balloons, tied to the chair, floats in the air. A second twentysomething woman applies lipstick with a mirror magnifying her face. Couples ballroom dance. Several twentysomething men do backflips from the chairs. A second twentysomething woman stands on a chair and dumps water from a bucket onto the floor.

A third twentysomething woman sits on a horse as Adele holds the leash of the horse. An 18-year-old woman sits on the floor, staring at her nails. A twentysomething man and woman roll around on a mattress while a third twentysomething woman sits in a chair, watching. The chair burns. People run to escape from it. A second twentysomething man leaps over the chair. Adele holds the apple and bites into it. She gets up from the chair as she chews.

Rating: 2/5

Adele takes a walk in her neighborhood. Her child was with his father for the weekend. She sits on a park bench and watches the trees sway in the breeze. A thirtysomething woman texts her, asking her if she wants to go out. Adele replies “no.” She didn’t have the energy. The thirtysomething woman says if she changes her mind, to text her back.

She scrolls through her social media and sees the thirtysomething woman drinking at the bar with some mutual friends. It seemed like fun. Maybe a year or two she would’ve joined them. However, she wanted to stay at home. In a couple of photos, a thirtysomething man smiles. Her heart sinks. She didn’t want to get to know him and fall for him. But she liked him so much.

The thirtysomething man messages her and asks her to hang out. She says she can’t. She’s a mess. He tells her he doesn’t mind. She responds “maybe later” and starts talking to him about the show she was watching. He tells her his favorite season. She laughs to herself, telling him “no spoilers.” He writes back, “I promise.” She puts down her phone two hours later.

Director: Sam Brown Year: 2022

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